SolarCool Ireland was established in 2014, its principals are Michael & Kerstin O’Connor who have a background in designing & implementing sustainable electrical systems on islands in the South & Western Pacific. They were joined in early 2015 by Fintan Whelan, co-founder and ex-Corporate Finance Director of Mainstream Renewable Power.

SolarCool is based on Solar Thermal technology but instead of heating water, SolarCool collectors heat the refrigerant gas that circulates in the chiller boxes of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration systems. SolarCool is targeted at ‘behind the meter’ applications for the Commercial and Industrial markets and delivers a payback comfortably below 3 years – well within industry norms.

For the SolarPV community, the message from SolarCool is that a combination of SolarPV and SolarCool will deliver a superior energy solution for the Client and therefore better margins for developers.